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A Strong Foundation: Part Deux

Two small, back-to-back earthquakes shook San Francisco early this morning around 5:30am, the larger registering a 4.0 on the Richter scale. Many people were probably still sleeping, but we were awake here at Ashbury General Contracting and Engineering. Every time the ground quakes, our thoughts turn to how important a strong foundation is for those living in the Bay Area. While you may be preoccupied with what could fall from above and land on your head during the shaking, the destruction following a quake is often due to a poor foundation.

USGS seismologist David Schwartz told KGO-TV on Monday: “These earthquakes, these 4’s, are just an indication of ongoing activity, ongoing stress on the fault. They do nothing to relieve the likelihood of something larger happening.”

Something larger could mean many different things for a home with a bad foundation that needs foundation repair. Often, it is the lower story that fails, a phenomenon called racking. There could also be sliding (house slides off its foundation) and overturning (house lifts off its foundation). All these phenomena can have serious costs, both in dollars and lives.

Ashbury is an experienced foundation construction specialist, familiar with the various forms of structural retrofitting, such as bolting, cripple wall bracing, hold down bracketing, grade beam and moment frames, and all the rest of the foundation enhancing techniques out there. We work with engineers to determine what your house or business needs, and consistently provide it quicker and for less money than our competitors. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post on earthquakes and their impacts (Earthquakes and a Strong Foundation), we have invested heavily into owning the equipment necessary to utilize the most labor efficient processes to perform foundation work, which saves you time and money. Ashbury also utilizes shotcrete in the construction of foundations, which saves time in foundation pouring and increases PSI strength in concrete walls.

A proper foundation is designed to save lives, so take a look down at your foundation now so that you don’t need to look up for falling objects later.

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Earthquakes and a Strong Foundation

Did anyone feel the two small earthquakes that hit the Bay Area last night? What about the two larger ones one Thursday? It got us to thinking here at Ashbury about how important a strong foundation is when one lives in the Bay Area.

When the 4.0 magnitude quake struck at 2:41pm on Thursday, October 20, we had a crew working on a project we’re finishing up in Laurel Heights. A neighbor came running out of their house wondering if our crew had felt the quake.  All around the City, co-workers and friends were calling and discussing their experience with the quake – no one in our 20 member crew felt a thing… A few months back we reinforced the foundation of the home.

Ashbury’s extensive background in commercial projects has led us to use the most cost effective methods for your foundation and garage upgrades. We have invested heavily into owning the equipment necessary to use the most labor efficient process to perform foundation work. Using shotcrete, typically found in commercial applications, allows for greater PSI strength in concrete walls and cuts the time and costs associated with pouring into concrete forms. Ashbury completes foundation and garage work with stronger walls and a cleaner finish, while saving you time and money.

For more information regarding the use of shotcrete, you can visit the American Shotcrete Association’s FAQ page.


Construction of foundation upgrades

For more information about other services Ashbury offers, please look at our Construction Services page.