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Earthquakes and a Strong Foundation

Did anyone feel the two small earthquakes that hit the Bay Area last night? What about the two larger ones one Thursday? It got us to thinking here at Ashbury about how important a strong foundation is when one lives in the Bay Area.

When the 4.0 magnitude quake struck at 2:41pm on Thursday, October 20, we had a crew working on a project we’re finishing up in Laurel Heights. A neighbor came running out of their house wondering if our crew had felt the quake.  All around the City, co-workers and friends were calling and discussing their experience with the quake – no one in our 20 member crew felt a thing… A few months back we reinforced the foundation of the home.

Ashbury’s extensive background in commercial projects has led us to use the most cost effective methods for your foundation and garage upgrades. We have invested heavily into owning the equipment necessary to use the most labor efficient process to perform foundation work. Using shotcrete, typically found in commercial applications, allows for greater PSI strength in concrete walls and cuts the time and costs associated with pouring into concrete forms. Ashbury completes foundation and garage work with stronger walls and a cleaner finish, while saving you time and money.

For more information regarding the use of shotcrete, you can visit the American Shotcrete Association’s FAQ page.


Construction of foundation upgrades

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Welcome to Ashbury Construction

Ashbury Construction is structured, steadfast, and responsible in maintaining business. This company’s attention to detail generates high-end results in a cost-effective manner. In relationships with our clients, designers, and employees, we value communication above all else. Clients’ concerns and desires are addressed immediately and keeping within budget considerations.

Kevin Born, president and founder, has been in the construction trades for over 25 years, and has an extensive background in general engineering and public work projects. He, along with his small but effective core group of employees, performs all estimating, job management, and quality control thereby enabling the company to maintain a low overhead cost point for its clients. This management philosophy ensures that a high standard of quality is always upheld, and also enables Ashbury Construction to maintain a work force of well trained, loyal tradesman thereby cutting down on subcontracting costs.

Our market niche is our ability to accomplish high-end, intricate projects in a short period of time for reasonable prices. We are committed to help preserve the unique quality and character found in this part of the country and encourage you to browse our photo gallery to view some of our most recent projects.